Welcome to the Dallas Paleontological Society Website

The Dallas Paleontological Society was founded in 1984 for the purpose of promoting interest in and knowledge of the science of paleontology.  It was intended by the founding members that the Society would be a network for the exchange of data between professionals and serious amateurs in this field.



          Purpose of the Dallas Paleontological Society per the Constitution:

  • To promote serious interest in and knowledge of the science of paleontology.
  • To be a network for the exchange of data between professionals and serious amateurs in the field. 
  • The Society is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes.

To assist the Society in meeting the mission statement and goals, the following are the guidelines for the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

  1. Members will conduct themselves in a manner that best represents the Society.

  2. Members will act responsibly and safely so as not to bring other members into harm or danger. Firearms are prohibited from all Society functions.

  3. Members will respect all private and public properties and make a sincere effort to keep themselves informed of all laws, regulations, and rules regarding collecting on private and public lands.

  4. No member will collect without appropriate permission on private or public lands.

  5. No member will misrepresent the name of the Society to gain access to lands for personal gain or profit.

  6. Members will respect and cooperate with the field trip leader or designated authorities in collecting areas.

  7. Members will not visit a site scheduled for a field trip with the intent or purpose to prevent fair collecting opportunities by the members of the Society.

  8. Members will report to appropriate authorities any seemingly scientifically important paleontological site.

  9. Members will expeditiously disseminate to both the scientific community and the interested general public information regarding scientifically significant fossils and their accompanying data.

  10. Members will not barter, sell, or purchase scientifically significant fossils unless it brings them into or keeps the fossils within a public trust. Any trade or commerce in scientifically significant fossils deprives both the public and professionals of important specimens and part of our natural heritage.

The Executive members of the Society will determine punishment up to and including expulsion from the Society. Beyond the jurisdiction of the Society, a court of law will determine punishment for any civil or criminal activity associated with violation of these guidelines.

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