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Mound, Texas Walnut Formation

  • Sun, October 23, 2022
  • 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Mound, Texas
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  • Field trip to Mound, Texas and lower Cretaceous fossils.

The Dallas Paleontological Society is hosting a field trip to Mound, Texas and the surrounding area on October 23, 2022. The trip will be led by Kim Pervis.

This trip is for Members Only. If you have a family membership and a family member plans to attend who is not added to your family bundle of your account with their own email address you will need to added their email address under your account, associated with their name before you can register them for this trip.

The trip is limited to _ number at the request of the owner. 

Registration will begin at midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning, October 15 and will go until all spots are taken or until October 22.

If you register and then are unable to go please cancel your registration by October 21 by 5:00 PM so others may have the opportunity to take your place with adequate notice. Please cancel on the Dallas Paleontological Society website. When you cancel your registration the next person on the waitlist will be notified and automatically registered. If you have difficulty canceling please text me at 214-395-4663 to let me know you are having difficulty.

This ranch borders Fort Hood on the east side. It has exposures in the Walnut and Paluxy Formations. The fossils are in the Walnut. The owner recently found dinosaur tracks in a creek bed that is Paluxy on his property. We hope to have someone from the Witte Museum to come look at the tracks with us while we are there.

Fossils that can be found there are 7-8 types of echinoids, over a dozen types of bivalves, numerous gastropods and the occasional Engonoceras ammonite and rare decapod (crab) fragments. 

There is a dry creek with predominantly Edwards chert in the alluvium that has rare fern fossil preserved in the chert. I managed to find a fern rachis on my visit.

We will be visiting at least one other sites in the area that is also lower Cretaceous. The other site is to be determined.

We will be meeting at the Sunoco gas station in McGregor, TX at 9:30 AM. We will depart from the gas station at 9:45 and arrive at the first location shortly after 10:00 AM.

The address is:

509 W. McGregor Dr.

McGregor, TX 76657

Most fossils will be fossil finds. Although a chisel and small rock hammer may be helpful. Please bring sunscreen and plenty of fluid. Go to the bathroom before arriving. When we are out on the ranch there are no bathrooms where we will be.

Here are some pictures of fossils found on the ranch.

Assortment of echinoids. I think there are 4-5 genera represented here in this one picture. There are 3 genera of regular echinoids that can be found there. In addition to the irregular heart urchins there are also Coenholectypus echinoids there. There are a few of the ones I picked up.

Assortment of bivalves.

The terrain at the ranch. There are lots of cedars and scrub brush and limestone with fossils weathering out of it.

Assortment of grastropods, small to medium.

Fern blades in Edwards chert found by the owner.

I believe this is a fern rachis that I found on my visit.

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