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    • Sat, June 17, 2023
    • 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Sherman, Texas

    Shark Tooth Trip to Sherman Creeks

    Saturday, June 17

    The largest Cretaceous shark teeth in Texas come from the creeks around the Sherman/Denison, Texas area. Since the area’s so heavily collected, we’ve found success in digging/screening for the teeth. You can simply surface collect, rake through the gravel or actually screen – dry or wet – for teeth. We WILL find teeth.

    We will be collecting in the equivalent geology as the Midlothian quarries – the Austin/Eagle Ford contact or basically the Turonian/Coniacian boundary of the Upper Cretaceous – so the teeth are the same as there. The only difference is that there is no visible stratigraphic boundary here like is present in the quarries. The Austin Chalk down through the basal Atco formation has been eroded away into these creeks. So, we’ll be collecting ‘float’ material as opposed to in situ fossils. Sometimes you can find secondary deposition (Pleistocene deposits in the walls) containing this ‘contact’ material along with potential Pleistocene mammal material. Arrowheads,too.

    Some screens will be provided for use, but if you would like to build your own, click here to find  ‘How to Build Screens for Fossil Sieving’.  

    Hardware stores usually have the materials you will need to build yourself a screen. Of course, you'll need a shovel to load your screens and possibly twine to keep your screen from floating away.

    Know that there are multiple hazards on these urban creeks including broken glass, construction materials, snakes, fire ants and stinging insects to name a few.

    We'll LEAVE the Jack-in-the-Box at Hwy 75 and FM 1417 (just south of Sherman) at 8:30. Please download, print, complete and bring with you, the attached Hold Harmless Agreement.

    HH - Sherman Creeks 2023.docx

    This field trip needs a signup just so we’ll know how many are coming.

    Email Roger Farish with your questions or suggestions: rffarish@verizon.net  (972-898-2700 on field trip day).

    After lunch at nearby Dickies BBQ, we’ve been invited to tour the most extensive local shark tooth and artifact collection in this part of Texas. It was collected before the creeks became so popular and you could collect a handful of nice teeth on an outing. After that we can see about some more collecting (or a nap).

    • Sat, June 24, 2023
    • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Near Justin, Texas
    • 30

    Rescheduled - Annual Denton Creek Canoe Trip

    Saturday, June 24 before 8:30AM

    By Roger Farish

    Same song, 27th verse is our usually annual row/paddle/float/drag down the lovely stream called Denton Creek between SH 407 (near Justin) and I-35W (just north of Texas Motor Speedway) all about 30 miles north of Fort Worth. Come join us for a bit of a different outing. This trip is for Members and their guests only.

    This section of the creek flows through the upper Washita series of the Lower Cretaceous. In the past, assorted bivalves and the echinoids Salenia mexicana, Hemiaster whitei, Goniophorus whitnei, Holaster simplex, Macraster sp., Phyllacanthus sp. and cidarid plates have been found along with various plant fossils. Other potential finds include the ornate Rastellum carinata and ammonites of Oxytropidocaras, Pervinquieria, Mortonoceras andEopahcydiscus. Shark teeth are always possible. Access to the exposures along the 4-5 mile stretch is quite restricted so collecting should be good.

    No canoeing expertise is required since the creek is usually mild and there will be experienced canoers along to help out, if needed. HOWEVER, it will be an arduous trip as we are regularly in and out of the boats and there are many obstructions and hazardous along the creek, all of which can be amplified by a low or high-water level. So, please seriously consider these things before signing up. If you need more information, please give me a call (972-898-2700).

    The creek consists of deep pools connected by fast stretches (if we’ve had rain), all mostly shaded by trees. Surface collecting is along the banks, hillsides, side creeks and gravel bars. Certainly dress for the day. You’ll need:

    • Amphibious footwear (old tennis shoes), as we’ll be in and out of the canoes frequently, hopefully by choice
    • Protection from the sun in the form of a shirt, hat and lotions
    • High-top socks to guard against possible fire ants and the sun (unless you’re feeling lucky)
    • Plenty of fluids and snacks/lunch of your choice

    The trip will take 3-5 hours depending on how good the collecting is, how much water is in the creek and how bad the fire ants are. We haven’t seen many snakes but they’re there (ask David Hill for his copperhead pics). Pets and kids ok, BUT THEY’RE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, NOT OURS! (We really haven’t lost THAT many folks on past trips.)

    We’ll meet by the northbound lanes of I-35W on the north side of Denton Creek, about 2 miles north of SH 114 intersection near the Texas Motor Speedway before 8:30 Saturday morning. We’ll leave as many cars there as possible since this is our takeout point and will drive people and canoes to the put-in point about 15 minutes upstream.

    We have arranged for 7 - 2-person canoes for members’ use and each can be rented for $40/canoe ($20 each end). If you would like to rent a canoe or need a partner, please call Roger.  A Hold Harmless Agreement will be sent to you prior to the event.

    Anyone can bring their own boat and join us. Most durable, shallow-draft watercraft can make it down the creek. Canoes and kayaks are ideal. Heavy boats, inflatables or flimsy boats/rafts will have trouble. Questions can be sent to rffarish@verizon.net. If you have any last-minute questions please call me (972-898-2700) or David Hill (214-762-3813).

    EVERYONEplanning to attend MUST register for the trip on our website: www.dallaspaleo.org  whether you’re renting a canoe OR BRINGING YOUR OWN – we must have your contact information. The trip is dependent on the creek level and could be a last-minute decision to go, cancel or revert to Plan B (a lake site for shoreline collecting or another alternate site, for example). Almost half of previous trips have been cancelled for one reason or another.

    Field trips are perfect ‘social-distancing’ activities. Masks will not be required so do whatever you need for Covid.

    NOTE: In the past some members have selfishly chosen to precede us down the creek, so please be honorable enough to come collect with us and not spoil this trip for others.

    Attached are some photos from last-years trip.

    As usual, check the DPS Hot Line 817-355-4693 for the last-minute status of the trip.


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